Too many uncorrectable read errors with atang

Soren Schmidt sos at
Fri Nov 7 10:33:08 PST 2003

It seems Kris Kennaway wrote:
-- Start of PGP signed section.
> Since upgrading the bento package machines to -current I am getting
> a lot of the following errors:

That does look like a valid error condition from the drive...

> 1) All my drives have performed mass suicide at once

You know, with deathstar's you cant really rule that out :)

> 2) ATAng is detecting errors that the ATAog did not

That is true, the error detection is better in ATAng.

> 3) ATAng is not trying as hard as ATAog to recover from the errors
> from the crappy drives

Neither ATAog nor ATAnr retried uncorrectable errors...
> 4) ATAng has a bug on this hardware.

That we cant rule out, and it probably likely..

> Furthermore, I'd like to know why the panic occurred above.

Is this on a brand new -current ? lots of things that could
cause this has been fixed...


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