Wireless laptop card revisited

k.s. bsdlist at scootpics.com
Fri Nov 7 10:12:50 PST 2003

I am having the same problem that was discussed a couple months ago with
an Avaya gold card giving the "busy bit won't clear" on boot up when using
DHCP.  If I manually configure it everything works ok.  The fix that was
given before was to update the firmware.  I have searched everywhere for
the firware with no luck.  I may have missed it, but all I found were
windows updates.  I even got my hands on a windows laptop and tried to
update it, which looked succesful, but when I put the card back into the
laptop it showed the old firware number.

I called avaya and they said there is no way (even if I had windows) to
update the firmware...

How exactly did others on this list get thier card working?



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