devfs.conf and bpf devices

Ronald Klop ronald-freebsd2 at
Thu Nov 6 06:28:43 PST 2003


I've appended lines in /etc/devfs.conf.
perm    bpf0    0660
perm    bpf1    0660
perm    fd0     0660

But when bpf1 is created for tcpdumping tun0 (user-ppp) it gets the 
permissions 0600. Any ideas why this can be?

Running -current from about a week ago.
I noticed that /etc/default/rc.conf mentions this:
grep devfs /etc/defaults/rc.conf
devfs_rulesets="/etc/defaults/devfs.rules /etc/devfs.rules" # Files 
                                                             # devfs(8) 
devfs_system_ruleset="" # The name of a ruleset to apply to /dev

Should devfs.conf be renamed to devfs.rules?



PS: Tell me if this should be asked on -questions first.
  Ronald Klop
  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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