NFS client mount options in CURRENT/5.1-

Scott W wegster at
Wed Nov 5 19:56:19 PST 2003

Hey all- Perusal of the man page for mount_nfs doesn't seem to shed any 
light here, so can someone tell me what is wrong with
this mount command (namely half of the options)?

mount -tnfs -orw,rsize=8196,wsize=8196,bg,hard,intr,async sol:/export /mnt
nfs: -o rsize=: option not supported

Likewise for wsize and hard, although documented in mount_nfs and 
traditionally available NFS options...any ideas?

It will mount via removing the 'offending' options properly..

I don't need help on 'why are you doing this command line' etc- am just 
doing some throughput tests, but could use a sanity check on whats wrong 
with these options...?



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