Panic on startup 11/4/03 JPSNAP install

Jeffrey Katcher jmkatcher at
Wed Nov 5 15:42:55 PST 2003

I'm trying to install 5.1-CURRENT off the current JPSNAP ISO image onto my new
IBM T40. 

On startup, I see a list of errors (EEPROM Checksum invalid) concerning the
built-in em0 GigE.  After showing the ata0 and ata1 devices it prints:
Memory modified after free 0xc4b1b800(2044) val=c4b58110 @ 0xc4b1bb9c
panic: Most recently used by bus-sc

Any suggestions?  For the crash of course and also for the em checksum issue

Many thanks in advance,

Jeff Katcher

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