Fix for WINE on -CURRENT

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at
Wed Nov 5 08:31:21 PST 2003

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Scot W. Hetzel wrote:
> Below is a patch to fix WINE for the new ATA driver.

Thanks!  (I kind of "fixed" it temporarily by removing the offending code,
but clearly your approach is preferrable.)

> Could someone familar with the new ATA driver have a look at this
> patch to make sure it is correct.

Once we have some positive confirmation, would you mind submitting a
slightly adjusted version (against Wine CVS, that is, basically on top
of my current patch in FreeBSD CVS, not instead that = the patch to
wine-devel at (Cc:ing) me)?

Just, do we really need to check for the FreeBSD version? I had understood
that simply reading from the device should work on 4.x, old 5.x, and
-CURRENT.  Søren, Kris?

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)   gerald at

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