New interrupt stuff breaks ASUS 2 CPU system

Barney Wolff barney at
Wed Nov 5 06:43:50 PST 2003

Another data point:  I can't get my Asus A7M266-D to boot with the
new interrupt code at all, perhaps because I have an Adaptec 39160.
Whether acpi is on or off, whether it's in the kernel config or not,
booting always hangs right after "waiting 10 sec for scsi to settle"
and "0 scb's aborted".  I've also tried it with 0,1 or 2 of the ide
controllers enabled, with no change in result.  Sometimes I get a
"spurious interrupt" from ata1 message, sometimes not.  Kernel from
10/27 works fine.  Kernels from last couple of days fail.

dmesg, config available on request, if wanted.

Barney Wolff
I'm available by contract or FT, in the NYC metro area or via the 'Net.

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