xl0 watchdog timeout

Shin-ichi Yoshimoto yosimoto at waishi.jp
Tue Nov 4 11:45:30 PST 2003

Subject: RE: xl0 watchdog timeout,
On Tue, 04 Nov 2003 12:23:19 -0500 (EST), John Baldwin wrote:
> Try disabling ACPI.  ACPI is unable to route any of your PCI interrupts,

I tried disabling ACPI. It works fine. Thanks John.

> so all your PCI interrupts are hosed.  You can try to talk with the folks
> on acpi-jp@ to figure out if your AML can be patched.

OK. I will try to talk with the folks on acpi-jp.

Shin-ichi YOSHIMOTO <yosimoto at waishi.jp>

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