New interrupt stuff breaks ASUS 2 CPU system

Claus Guttesen cguttesen at
Tue Nov 4 05:55:24 PST 2003


> I have an ASUS system with 2 CPUs that I need to run
> at HZ=10000. This
> worked until yesterday, but with the new interrupt
> code it doesn't boot
> anymore. It works for the standard HZ, but if I set
> HZ=1000 I get a double

Compiled a new kernel with source from Nov. 3'rd where
SMP and APIC had to be enabled to use SMP. A make
kernel would complete in 10 min's.

So I cvsupped to test the 'interrupt stuff' and
recompiled. Upon boot it seemed that it only saw one
of my two Xeons at 2.4 Ghz. Hypert. was enabled as
default. So I reverted to the source the day before.

I also have an ASUS motherboard with an Intel 875P


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