ip_output panics on recent -CURRENT

Sam Leffler sam at errno.com
Mon Nov 3 13:37:07 PST 2003

On Monday 03 November 2003 12:58 pm, Andrea Campi wrote:
> Hi,
> after updating my laptop to last sunday sources, it panics very often with
> one of two panics. Sam, any chance you might know what's up?
> Note that both panics seem (to my untrained eye at least) to be related
> to spammed route entry structures. The second one in particular looks
> suspicious, with all those null arguments...

I've been trying to recreate these panics w/o luck and reports so far have not 
pvoded me with enough info to work up any real clues.  I've got one vmcore 
for something potentially similar and was about to look at it.

The problem appears to be caused by someone reclaming routing table entries 
while they are in use.  This would likely be a reference counting problem.

You didn't provide any information about system kernel config or hardware 
config.  Both are important.  

You don't indicate when "last sunday" is; is that 11/02?  

Did you get my recent commit to in_rmx.c that was last night and fixed a 
reference counting problem (but which would probably not affect you)?  

Are you running with WITNESS and INVARIANT?  If not, do so.

Have you tried to identify something that makes the panic happen?  (e.g. ping 
as opposed to using ssh, as opposed to NFS over UDP, etc.)

Have you tried setting debug.mpsafenet=0?


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