HELP: ServerWorks data corruption after 350 MB with BerkeleyDB 4.0?

Soren Schmidt sos at
Mon Nov 3 13:09:59 PST 2003

It seems Matthias Andree wrote:
> Hi,
> I received a bug report against BerkeleyDB 4 that may not be BerkeleyDB
> related, but a problem with FreeBSD or specific hardware in general.
> Jie Song (CC'd) reported that writing files with BerkeleyDB (no
> threading or something) on his ServerWorks machine causes data
> corruption (detected by BerkeleyDB 4.0 library functions) when the file
> sizes grow beyond 350 MB. For details, see PR #55252. Jie Song has
> answered in private mail that the problem persists with both current 4.X
> and current 5.X FreeBSD versions.
> Does this ring a bell somewhere? Are there issues with BIOS versions
> usually used on ServerWorks boards, are there hardware
> detection/configuration issues in the kernel? Anything known?

There are known issues with some Serverworks chips, but we need to
now much more details on the HW to tell. the output of pciconf -l
from the machine and the output from dmesg would be good starters.


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