FreeBSD 5.1-p10 reproducible crash with Apache2

Paul Blazejowski paulb at
Mon Nov 3 10:20:45 PST 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-03 at 09:54, Andy Hilker wrote:
> Hi,
> maybe i have similar problems. 
> The machine died once a day. After i have disabled SSL, all runs
> stable. But i am not sure yet, because my apache2 config has not
> the relevant "SSLMutex" and "SSLSessionCache".
> And i have changed RAM.
> Tomorrow i will enable SSL and see what happens. Next step is put
> in the possible corrupt RAM. But i have some hints, that Apache2/SSL
> is the matter.
> bye,
> Andy

Hello folks,

I have 5.1-p8 box here at home running apache 2.0.48 and too experience
httpd hangs once a day.

I've recently started using amavisd with postfix and noticed that both
2.0.47/2.0.48 versions with SSL enabled would get stuck daily.I also run
perl 5.8.1 if it matters.

The MTA and amavisd processes are all fine.
My solution is to issue apachectl restart to get httpd going otherwise
my browser hangs with waiting for replay when i connect to the machine
running httpd.



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