current + netatalk == crash

Leo Bicknell bicknell at
Mon Nov 3 08:08:33 PST 2003

Using current from 10/28/2003 I rebuilt the kernel with "options
NETATALK", rebooted into it, and built /usr/ports/net/netatalk.

When netatalk starts (specifically, atalkd) after about 15-20 seconds
the machine has a kernel panic, supervisor page read error.

This is quite repeatable (two systems now, does it every time).  I
do have the kernel debugger built and it drops into that so I can
collect more information if that would be helpful.  I'm not really
a kernel hacker so I don't know where to go looking on my own.

Anyone seen this before or can tell me what to do next to track it
down?  This is the same procedure/config I've used to run netatalk
on similar boxes with 4.x FreeBSD with no issues.

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