Running current on Proliant ml370

Willem Jan Withagen wjw at
Mon Nov 3 08:02:48 PST 2003


I was donated a ML370 with 256Mb, single processor.

It boots an 5.0-DP1 cd just fine, and it runs like a normal baby.
So I tried upgrading it to 5.1-current. And it freezes.
After some tinkering in /etc/loader.conf it now shows that it is probing

in short:
    isa_probe_children: probing non-PnP devices
    orm0 ................. on isa0
    adv0 failed to probe on isa0
    aha0: status reg test failed ff
    aha0: 5* failed
    aha0: failed to probe at port 0x134-0x137 on isa0

And then the box is really really frozen.
Power off by yanking the powercord.

So I guess that one of the probes really kills the box??
    How do I find the order of devices that are probed in.
    AKA what follows after aha0??

And are there any suggestions in getting this baby to run CURRENT


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