HEADSUP: Soekris and generic LED/lamp support in FreeBSD-current

Poul-Henning Kamp phk at phk.freebsd.dk
Mon Nov 3 03:14:22 PST 2003

I have introduced the CPU_SOEKRIS option to enable soekris hardware
specific options like the error LED.

I made the support for flashing lamps generic and as a result the
/dev/soekris-errled is now called /dev/led/error

Notice the slightly changed sematics of the 'f%d'.

I have also added support for morse (Yell at me if I didn't get
it right):
	/usr/games/morse -l soekris rocks > /dev/led/error

Support for the 4801's error led comes when Soren tell me how
to fiddle it.

It is now relatively simple to add more LED's on the GPIO pins,
email me if you need help with this.

The LED is controlled by ascii strings as follows.
  0       Turn off.
  1       Turn on.
  f       Flash: _-
  f2      Flash: __--
  f3      Flash: ___---
  f4...f9 etc.
  d%d     Digits.  "d12": -__________-_-______________________________
  s%s     String, roll your own:
          'a-j' gives on for (1...10)/10 sec.
          'A-J' gives on for (1...10)/10 sec.
          'sAaAbBa': _-_--__-
  m%s     Morse
          '.' dot
          '-' dash
          ' ' letter space
          '\n' word space

If somebody has time to hash out a led(4) man page for me I would
be very grateful.

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