USB (mouse) problem

Andre Guibert de Bruet andy at
Sun Nov 2 07:18:48 PST 2003

On Sun, 2 Nov 2003, sebastian ssmoller wrote:

> hi,
> recently i installed freebsd 5 current on an asus m2400n notebook. most
> things work fine so far, but one ugly problem left: every time i plug in
> my usb mouse the system freezes. the system is really dead then (needs
> to be rebooted) - even the light on the optical mouse is swiched off.

Please read the handbook on the proper form for problem reports. In the
future, you might want to include the following:

- uname -a
- boot -s output
- a trace, if available on the first vt or serial console.
- your kernel config file of the running system.

When you say that your machine locks solid, are you in X11 when you're
plugging in the mouse? If so, it might really be panicking, it's just that
you don't get to see the message printed to the screen. The best way to
catch this class of problem is to hook up a serial console and perform
the voodoo that makes the machine "lock up".


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