FreeBSD-CURRENT kernel hangs on starting KDE

TamásR. freddy at
Sat Nov 1 14:07:19 PST 2003

I'm sorry for my previous e-mail, I hope it will look better :)

Some months ago I installed a FreeBSD-current system on my
desktop computer. I use the KDE desktop environment and I
compiled really everything from ports. I periodically maintain it
so my system is up-to-date. I have been experiencing a problem
with FreeBSD-current kernel all the time. Some months ago I
tried to compile a custom kernel based on GENERIC commenting
out the not necessary hardwares from my config, like RAID and
most of NICs, etc. (I think it is a general thing when customizing).
Although I haven't tested it too much the kernel booted properly
and everything worked good in console. Trying to start KDE caused
system crash (I guess in kernel level). I have spent long days to
find the reason trying almost all combination of kernel config
settings without luck. Ok, but GENERIC is worked with some
custom lines added to it (but I couldn't remove anything except
debugging). Since 25th of September something changed in the
current kernel source tree because I am not able to compile any
kernel, even GENERIC, with which KDE would start without freezing
the whole machine partly or completely. Unfortunately I did not
preserve any earlier source tree version, I just upgraded it with
cvsup before the compilations. Now I use a newer base system than
the kernel, which results in an unstable operation (it is normal
I guess), because I only preserved the lastest goog-working
/boot/kernel binaries I compiled before.

"KDE freezing" in detail
System: FreeBSD 5.1-CURRENT i386

Relevant hardware config:
Mainboard  : ASUS P4S533-E (SIS645DX north, SIS962/L south bridges)
Memory     : PC2700 512MB DDR RAM (memtest86 tested)
VGA card   : ATI RADEON 9000 PRO

Very recent FreeBSD-current GENERIC kernel (was compiled exaclty
as described in the handbook) completely freezes some seconds later
after starting KDE. Input peripherials/ACPI button become unusable
and the machine does not respond to ICMP on LAN so it completely
hangs. It is not thought a hardware failure because earlier kernel
with the same config (synced with cvsup on 25th Sept. 2003) works
very good. KDE and XFree86 were compiled from the lastest ports so
they are up-to-date. Logs does not show any usable information
related to this freezing so I think there is no point to attach any
of them here (XFree86 just stops logging before some radeondrm
messages would be logged in normal case). I guess so it is closely
an ATI-driver related problem because when I tested the same base
system/kernel with an S3Trio VGA card that worked and the ATI did
not. This ATI is a common card (with dual head+tv output) and not a
cheap one at all (I currently use it on other OS-es on the same
machine without experiencing any problems).

Since I have been experiencing these problems I sync my source tree
more times a week and I'm trying to compile a working kernel without luck.

Note: If I switch back to console immediately after X server
started and before KDE begins to initialize then KDE starts up
properly. When I go back to X again I see the desktop as everything
would be right. Some seconds later the same freezing takes place.
First the keyboard blocks, then the mouse starts clogging and the
whole machine totally hangs.

I would appreciate any help in connection with this problem's solution.

Thanks in advance,
Tamás R.

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