ACPI S1/S3 power states not working

Aragon Gouveia aragon at
Sat Nov 1 12:02:59 PST 2003


I'm using a Dell Inspiron 8000 running BIOS A22 (latest AFAIK) and FreeBSD
5.1-RELEASE.  I've compiled a fixed DSDT following Stijn's instructions
which did fix a bunch of errors during/after bootup.

I'm trying to get some of the power saving states working but am having no
luck and can't seem to find any solution in the mailing lists.  When I try
switch to power state S1 or S3 I get the following kernel message:

panic: resource_list_release: couldn't find resource

After which the kernel fails to flush open buffers and reboots 15 seconds
later.  At no point does the screen go blank.

I've tried setting hw.acpi.sleep_delay to 5 as well.  No luck.

Has anyone had success with an Inspiron 8000?

Would greatly appreciate any help.


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