if_xname, byte order and OpenBSD 3.4 + CARP

Max Laier max at love2party.net
Sat Nov 1 09:18:04 PST 2003


  this just a short "yes, we are aware of things" message. As OpenBSD
3.4 was released three days ago, we will release pf 2.0 soon. However,
before that can take place there are some issues that have to be
resolved beforehand:

1) As you may know, Brooks Davis has finally brought if_xname to
   struct ifnet (which actually reduces the diff count between Free-
   and OpenBSD). To make out pf build with 501113 again, we have to
   change somethings never the less.

2) Mark Bojara reported byte order related problems to the pf mailing
   list some time ago, which lead to discoverage of several problems
   in that general area. We think we found everything by now, but will
   need some testing.

3) Do you have anything unresolved? Now is the time to report!

Thank you for your patience and support!

I CC to current at freebsd.org as security/pf is broken after 501113 as
well. This will be fixed with a bump to version 2.0 as soon as we

P.S.: I am working on a port of the CARP (Common Address Redundancy
      Protocol), which is about to become useable. I will put a
      patchset on the webpage, for those interested.

Best regards,
 Max                          mailto:max at love2party.net

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