make buildworld: Signal 11; Illegal instruction

Bruce Cran bruce at
Thu Jul 31 13:52:10 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 03:03:01PM -0400, Chris Shenton wrote:
> Chris Shenton <chris at> writes:
> >   *** Signal 11
> >... 
> >   Illegal instruction (core dumped)
> >   *** Error code 132
> Also seeing
> *** Signal 4
> if it matters.  This sounds way too flakey to be SW.

I'm seeing the same symptoms.   I got a signal 4 when running 'clean' in the 
pam authentication directory, and I've just had a signal 11 running 
'rm -f'.  This is an install from a snapshot I built today - 
during the install I had panics in _mtx_init_ and a backtrace traced through 
vfs and ffs functions, and I only managed to install successfully when I 
had the CPU throttled to 30%.  This is the same computer which ran memtest86
for 8 hours without a single fault last night, so I doubt the hardware's 
faulty, at least not the memory or the CPU.

Bruce Cran

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