4.8->Current & Depreciated files

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 31 00:52:01 PDT 2003

John Birrell wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 04:44:54PM +0930, Benjamin Close wrote:
> >       I'm about to upgrade from FreeBSD 4.8 to Current (following the
> > instructions in UPDATING) and was just wondering if mergemaster removes
> > depreciated files between the two versions. Ie: /etc/rc.sendmail I believe
> > is now depreciated to one of the rcNG scripts. Does merge master handle
> > the deleting of this file or is there some other utility?
> I've just been through this. The instructions would have you run
> mergemaster -p before doing an installworld. For me, that only tried to
> update /etc/passwd and /etc/group which already had the sendmail users
> and groups so there was nothing to update.

My normal approach for doing this is to build all the way to
ISO images, and then copy the sysinstall off the first one to
/tmp, then mount the first one on /mnt, cd to /tmp (as root),
and run sysinstall (you have to name it sysinstall) and select

If you can't build to ISO's from sources, then it's probably
not something you want to upgrade to anyway.

The only things I've seen this miss are:

1)	bootblocks

	You can do these manually, after the upgrade, before you

2)	/etc/pam.conf

	This screwed me on ssh logins, and only on the 4.3/4.4
	era upgrade, where they added the entries for ssh to
	the file

3)	/dev/MAKEDEV all

	It wasn't run unless you booted from the upgrade media;
	with devfs, this isn't a problem.

-- Terry

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