strange umass/scsi behaviour

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Thu Jul 31 00:39:19 PDT 2003

John Hay wrote:
> Does anyone have an idea why the umass/scsi code behave differently
> between if you boot with a device already plugged in as opposed to
> plugging it in later? In my case it is a Sandisk Cruiser. If I plug
> it in before booting, it works just great, but if I plug it in later,
> it does not want to work.
> Below is the dmesg output of the various stages.
[ ... ]

I had a disk that would behave in exactly this way.

Try this:

	camcontrol debug -I -P -T -S -X -c 0:0:0
	camcontrol reset 0:0:0
	camcontrol rescan 0:0:0

Probably it will "just work" after the "reset/rescan without the
debug; the disk I had wanted an explicit bus reset after it was
connected, and that made it happy.

-- Terry

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