make -U

Juli Mallett jmallett at
Wed Jul 30 14:23:20 PDT 2003

* Ruslan Ermilov <ru at> [ Date: 2003-07-30 ]
	[ w.r.t. make -U ]
> Sorry, I've accidentally dropped an email about `make -U'.
> I think that it's not needed, since the functionality can
> easily be achieved by running "make FOO=", i.e., assigning
> an empty value.  Remember that command line variables take
> precedence over globals, so the following makefile,
> FOO+=	bar
> all:
> 	@echo ${FOO}
> when run as ``make FOO=foo'', will print just ``foo''.

Does that work for the .if defined() case, too?  Makefiles can grow
to be more complex than just that sort of stuff, after all :)

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