Does bimap (ipnat) work to anyone ?

Piotr Koper koper at
Wed Jul 30 09:32:33 PDT 2003


Does ``bimap'' work to anyone ? I'm using IP Filter: v3.4.31 (336) and
I can't make it work for me:

bimap fxp0 212.182.x.x/32 ->

I have aditional ethernet alias (212.182.x.x) and when I ping this
address from the Internet it replys from, traceroute shows
this as destination also. The funny thing is that mtr shows many many
destinations with address

while this works fine:
rdr fxp0 212.182.x.x/32 port 0 -> port 0 tcp/udp
rdr fxp0 212.182.x.x/32 port 0 -> port 0 icmp
map fxp0 -> 212.182.x.x/32

So.. is bimap working well ?

Piotr Koper

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