STEP 2, fixing dhclient behaviour with multiple interfaces

Robert Watson rwatson at
Wed Jul 30 06:50:09 PDT 2003

On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Terry Lambert wrote:

> This is part of the problem.  The other parts are that this is really
> networking code, and should be a separate thing, if possible, and, as
> Martin just pointed out, the OMAPI stuff is not really cooked yet.

Hence the notion of a neteventd -- I don't really mind what container it's
in, as long as its structured around the network-centric pieces.

> It's really a lot easier the process a small list of events in dhacpd as
> a result of a kqueue or kqueue/select combo, if you want to avoid
> rewriting as much code as humanly possible, and still be able to pull
> this feature out of the project.

Absolutely agreed.  If OMAPI is working well, that may well provide a lot
of what we want.  One benefit to central management of the network
configuration would be that we'd get things like GUI control and profiles
a lot more easily.

> I still haven't been able to repeat your test; are you sure you are
> listening on a routing socket for the configuration change events? 
> Maybe I'm doing something silly with my dumb little test program that
> you aren't doing with yours?  I'm not seeing my Linksys my 3COM
> interfaces showing up and disappearing as kevents, but they are
> definitely still being seen by the laptop.  Maybe it's my local hacks to
> make it work at all (it's an older Sony VAIO PCG-XG29). 

I can't speak to your configuration, but I can describe mine :-).  I've
tested two different situations with "route monitor" creation and removal
of virtual interfaces (in this case, vlan interfaces), and physical
interfaces (in this case, my wi0 card in my notebook).  Both appear to be
generating proper notifications during arrival and departure.  The only
events that I expected to see, but didn't, were IPv6 link layer address
arrival and departure.  I ran these tests with 5.0-CURRENT from around
July 3, but I seem to recall seeing this work properly previously.  I
don't have any RELENG_4 boxes with removable physical interfaces at this

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