Who is responsible for the install check goo in Makefile.inc1

Ruslan Ermilov ru at FreeBSD.org
Wed Jul 30 00:25:40 PDT 2003

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On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 07:12:09PM -0700, Peter Wemm wrote:
> John Birrell wrote:
> > The installworld check for a kernel with the new sigaction promptly
> > core-dumped sh with the unsupported syscall. I think this check should
> > be based on sysctl kern.osreldate, not just running the new shell to see
> > if it core dumps. Thats kind of sub-optimal because I normally associate
> > core dumps during build/installworld with a dodgy build. In this case,
> > the build wasn't dodgy... I just hadn't realised that I was missing a toe.
> The problem is that some of the install scripts run the host /bin/sh *after*
> src/bin has been installed.  If your sh in ${OBJDIR} wont run, you *WILL*
> be hosed later on in the build with about a 50:50 split between old and new
> worlds.  I dont recall which scripts are the culprits, but it is a side
> effect of "#! /bin/sh" that is on a script that is run during installworld.
> In theory, the 'make installworld' stuff copies everything needed for an
> installworld to a /tmp directory, but it still misses a bunch of
> "#! /bin/sh" type things.  This isn't a cross build issue because the shell
> scripts are run on the host.
> For what its worth, this test saved me yesterday when I was trying to update
> an ancient ia64 box to -current.
That wasn't the point John was trying to make, IMO.

I'm regularly upgrading 4.0-RELEASE to 5.x-CURRENT to check that
the upgrade path wasn't broken, and this check comes very handy.
I wouldn't object though if it was done using kern.osreldate.

I'd happily test any patches in this direction for you, John.

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