HEADSUP: UMA not reentrant / possible memory leak

Bosko Milekic bmilekic at technokratis.com
Tue Jul 29 17:28:00 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 12:09:18AM +0200, Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> In message <88569.1059513090 at critter.freebsd.dk>, Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
> >
> >[I'm CC'ing current because this seems to have a significant negative
> >impact on -current kernel stability, and we can use some more data,
> >in particular on non-i386 SMP machines]
> I just committed a workaround for this problem, until JeffR can
> find time to hunt it down.
> People running 5.1 and possibly 5.0 on SMP kernels may want to apply
> this patch:

  Thank you so much for doing this.  I was going to do this myself but
  had to leave the office.  Hopefully Jeff will have a chance to take a
  look at it otherwise I`ll be glancing at it tomorrow.  Also, it would
  be nice if those suffering from recent problems with kmem_map
  exhaustion on 5.1 try this and note whether or not it gets rid of your

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