[PATCH] jail NG schript patch for mounting devfs and procfs automatically

Jens Rehsack rehsack at liwing.de
Tue Jul 29 09:40:31 PDT 2003

Hi all, hi Clement,

I updated the rcng jail start script to mount devfs and procfs
into the jail if wanted. Adding entries to /etc/fstab didn't
work properly, because the jail filesystem wasn't mounted when
the startup process wants to mount it.

Going this way allows us to control which jail could be used
via ssh (or another remote shell), too.

Any comments gladly welcome.

If it's useful for FreeBSD, I will write the rc.conf(5) update,
too. Please inform me to do this.

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--- etc/rc.d/jail.orig	Mon May  5 15:38:41 2003
+++ etc/rc.d/jail	Tue Jul 29 14:49:34 2003
@@ -53,6 +53,16 @@
 		eval jail_hostname=\"\$jail_${_jail}_hostname\"
 		eval jail_ip=\"\$jail_${_jail}_ip\"
 		eval jail_exec=\"\$jail_${_jail}_exec\"
+		eval jail_devfs=\"\$jail_${_jail}_mount_devfs\"
+		eval jail_procfs=\"\$jail_${_jail}_mount_procfs\"
+		if [ -n "${jail_devfs}" ] && checkyesno jail_devfs ; then
+			echo "Mounting devfs to ${jail_rootdir}/dev"
+			mount -t devfs devfs ${jail_rootdir}/dev
+		fi;
+		if [ -n "${jail_procfs}" ] && checkyesno jail_procfs ; then
+			echo "Mounting procfs to ${jail_rootdir}/proc"
+			mount -t procfs procfs ${jail_rootdir}/proc
+		fi;
 		[ -z ${jail_exec} ] && jail_exec="/bin/sh /etc/rc"
 		jail ${jail_rootdir} ${jail_hostname} ${jail_ip} ${jail_exec}

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