HEADSUP: USB da(4) quirks deprecated

Nate Lawson nate at root.org
Mon Jul 28 21:33:02 PDT 2003

I have committed code to disable the USB and Firewire quirks in da(4).
Since we now have code that should handle the common case of a failure
after receiving 6 byte commands, most of them should no longer be
necessary.  However, the only way to tell if a quirk is really needed is
to test the new code with the quirks disabled.  You may have a device (USB
camera, pen drive, hard drive, ...) that begins to get errors like "BBB
bulk-in clear stall failed" or "Synchronize cache failed, status 0x35".
If you get these, you can enable previous behavior by adding:

    options DA_OLD_QUIRKS

to your kernel config and recompiling.  Once you do this, please send me
the output of "camcontrol inquiry da0" so I can re-enable your quirk for
good.  I'm doing this as soon as possible so the unnecessary quirks can be
removed for 5.2.  A similar process will take place in 4-stable after 5.2
has been released.

Thanks for your patience,

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