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Paul A. Howes PAHowes at
Mon Jul 28 15:52:19 PDT 2003

I typed that wrong in the e-mail, but not in my configuration file.

	redirect_port 192.168.x.x:http		5555

The question still stands:  Why didn't this work?


Paul A. Howes

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>>> On Mon, 28 Jul 2003 12:17:24 -0400, "Paul A. Howes"
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> All,
> I am trying to redirect a port on my FreeBSD 5.1-based firewall to an
> internal machine.  My natd configuration contains a directive:
> 	redirect-port 192.168.x.x:http	5555
> I performed a "kill -HUP" on the natd process, but it doesn't work.  I can
> verify that the internal Web server is functional, and accessible to the
> internal network.  I even added ipfw rules to allow for traffic on port
> 5555, but still nothing.
> Am I missing something obvious here?  Thanks!

That's a wrong directive. Use ``redirect_port''.

-- rushani

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