SSH from host to jail

Jon Disnard diz at
Sun Jul 27 14:29:03 PDT 2003

Pat Lashley wrote:
> I'm trying to set up some jails in a 5.1R system.  I've pretty much
> copied a setup that was working fine in 4.8; but on 5.1 I can't seem
> to SSH from the host system into one of its jails.  It acts like the
> packets just aren't getting through.
> I would really appreciate it if somebody would send me rc.conf fragments
> that are known to work for setting up a jail's IP alias and routing on
> 5.1.

sure, but this isn't going to fix your problem:

ifconfig_wi0="inet netmask"
ifconfig_wi0_alias0="inet netmask"

jail_shiba_exec="/bin/sh /etc/rc"

To fix your problem you should try to mount a devfs for the jail so the 
tty device is available for sshd to open when you login. I simply added 
one line to my /etc/rc.d/jail script to test for the "dev" mount-point 
in jail. Like so:

[ -d "${jail_rootdir}/dev" ] && mount -t devfs ${jail_rootdir}\dev

I suppose we could avoid this little fau pax in the future by adding a 
new jail specific rc.conf var like this example:


It could be easy to have it simply exist, or be non-null, to imply a 
desire for devfs, and further checked for the existence of the 
mount-point as I wrote above.

I could have a pr+patch made in 5 minutes if anybody thinks this is not 
a bad idea?


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