login.conf issue

Daniel C. Sobral dcs at tcoip.com.br
Thu Jul 24 09:35:03 PDT 2003

Michael Carlson wrote:
> I am using login.conf to set a minimul password length in the default 
> class and root class, after adding :minpasswordlen=8: to default and 
> :minpasswordlen=11: to root and then running
> $ cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf
> I can still use a password of 1 character. This is on FreeBSD 
> 5.1-RELEASE i386. I have tried this on a 4.8 system and this works fine, 
> did I miss something in the release notes?

I might also add that the same man page says this about these two 

      The following capabilities are reserved for the purposes indicated and
      may be supported by third-party software.  They are not implemented in
      the base system.

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