questions on S-ATA and ICH5 (now owns hardware :)

Soeren Schmidt sos at
Thu Jul 24 02:36:17 PDT 2003

It seems John Reynolds wrote:
> Hi all, a few weeks back I had asked whether -current supported ICH5's S-ATA
> and Søren stated that he'd put code in to detect it and it "should work" but
> there wasn't a lot of feedback yet from users. Well, I have some feedback. I
> just got a new spiffy 120Gb Seagate S-ATA drive today and I can say that
> -current (as of 7/22/2003) does at least see the drive plugged into the
> controller and I can build filesystems, copy/delete files to my heart's
> content. However, I'm not sure if everything is entirely correct. I'm attaching
> a verbose dmesg (somewhat trimmed). The first thing I notice is that I see the
> following bits:
>   atapci1: <Intel ICH5 SATA150 controller> port 0xd000-0xd00f,0xcc00-0xcc03,0xc800-0xc807,0xc400-0xc403,0xc000-0xc007 irq 9 at device 31.2 on pci0
>   ...
>   ata2: at 0xc000 on atapci1
>   ad4: success setting UDMA133 on Intel ICH5 chip
>   ad4: <ST3120023AS/3.01> ATA-6 disk at ata2-master
>   ad4: 114473MB (234441648 sectors), 232581 C, 16 H, 63 S, 512 B
>   ad4: 16 secs/int, 1 depth queue, UDMA133
>   ad4: piomode=12 dmamode=34 udmamode=70 cblid=1
> Shouldn't this drive be found as a SATA150 device?

Well, technically yes, but in practice the modes the drives reports
back as supported are the old UDMA ones, however the interface will
run at SATA150 speed no matter what. I've not found a surefire way
to tell this apart yet that also gives resonable results if you
use a SATA->PATA dongle and other wierd comboes now possible...


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