Buildworld /rescue failures in 5.1

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Wed Jul 23 17:05:47 PDT 2003

At 4:44 PM -0700 7/23/03, Gordon Tetlow wrote:
>On Wed, Jul 23, 2003, Garance A Drosihn wrote:
>  >
>  > The .depend file is apparently created by
>  >     /usr/obj/usr/src/rescue/rescue/
>  >
>>  and that in turn says it is generated from rescue.conf
>>  by crunchgen 0.2.  The file includes the rule:
>>  tar_make:
>>          (cd $(tar_SRCDIR) && \
>>                  $(MAKE) $(BUILDOPTS) $(tar_OPTS) depend &&\
>>                  $(MAKE) $(BUILDOPTS) $(tar_OPTS) $(tar_OBJS))
>>  and my guess is that construct is not '-j' safe.
>>  I have no idea how to fix that, or even if I'm on the right
>>  track, but perhaps the above will be useful to someone who
>>  understands parallel makes more than I do...
>I don't see how this construct cannot be parallel make safe.
>The && requires that the third line check the result of the
>second before continuing. It doesn't make sense.

Yeah, I don't know how these pieces all come together (or
don't come together, as the case may be).  Nevertheless, it
is true that make is apparently trying a 'make addext.o'
before that .depend file exists.  Perhaps this is a bug, or
maybe I'm just barking up the wrong tree...

I'm going to try a few more tests, and see if I can make some
sense out of this.

Given that 'make buildworld' is going to effectively do:
     cd /usr/src/rescue
     make obj
     [...other stuff...]
     cd /usr/src/rescue
     make includes
     [...other stuff...]
     cd /usr/src/rescue
     make depend
     [...other stuff...]

it would be nice if *that* 'make depend' could result in all
of these .depend files being created.  That is clearly not
the case at the moment.

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