Buildworld /rescue failures in 5.1

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Wed Jul 23 15:41:29 PDT 2003

I am not much of a makefile expert, but I have been trying
various changes to see if I could fix the problem with
building /rescue.  On my system, a buildworld will always
fail if I specify '-j'.  It is time-consuming to try things,
because it takes a while to do a whole buildworld.

Today it occurred to me that I could probably make things go
much faster if I didn't do the whole buildworld.  And indeed,
it turns out that I get the same 'make' error if I use:

    rm -Rf /usr/obj/usr/src/*
    cd /usr/src/rescue
    make -j5 obj
    make -j5 includes
    make -j5 depend
    make -j5 all

Where that error is:

make: don't know how to make 
*** Error code 2
1 error
*** Error code 2
1 error

The nice thing about this is that it only takes three minutes
to get to that error, instead of the seventy minutes that it
takes when doing it as part of buildworld.  And if I drop the
'-j5', then the error does not come up.

This also suggests I could probably get away with:
     cd /usr/src
     make -j5 -DNO_RESCUE buildworld
     cd /usr/src/rescue
     make obj includes && make depend && make all

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Senior Systems Programmer           or  gad at
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