FreeBSD 5.1-R kernel panic

Scott Long scottl at
Wed Jul 23 13:07:57 PDT 2003

Stephane Raimbault wrote:
> Hi Thanks for your response,
> I do not have PAE enabled... I've been hesitant of turning it on, I'm not
> sure if it's too stable, I noticed that the asr driver is in the nodriver
> list in the PAE kernel config file and I use the asr driver for my Adaptec
> 2015S raid card.  If you think its safe to enable PAE with my current setup,
> please let me know, I do have 2 more gig's of ram in this particular box
> that I'd like to enable if it doesn't compromise system stability.

The asr(4) driver will likely not operate correctly in a PAE
environment.  There is no estimated time frame for fixing this either.


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