How to provide useful debug info

Harald Schmalzbauer h at
Wed Jul 23 05:14:10 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I have currently at least 4 scenarios when my 5.1-release crashes on
different hardware.
So I built a kernel (GENERIC) with debugging symbols and DDB option.
Now I'd like to provide usefull info about the following crashes:

1. booting from degraded RAID1 with HPT372 (machine crashes and I see db>)

2. crash when unquirked UMASS is unpluged

3. crash when /stand/sysinstall is called after some uptime

4. machine hangs when LPT is removed in BIOS and ACPI enabled (no crash, I
think I have to enter DDB with ctrl-alt-esc?)

I read the FAQ (18.13.  How can I make the most of the data I see when my
kernel panics?) but I think this isn't applicable to my crash when the
machine crashes before rc.conf can be read. And I really don't understand
what he's talking about :( but perhaps I can help.

Please tell me if I should do something like "trace" and write it down or
something like that.



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