should new-gcc kernels with -CURRENT still be panic()'ing right at boot?

John Reynolds johnjen at
Wed Jul 23 00:26:36 PDT 2003

[ On Tuesday, July 22, Steve Kargl wrote: ]
> I've built several kernels without a problem.  You need
> to (1) post the exact panic message, (2) read the section of
> the Handbook on debugging kernel panics, and (3) provide a
> backtrace.

Well, I went through the process anyway, just to learn how to do it. But, it
was My Bad .... in 4.x on "older" hardware, I never had apm or apci compiled
in. With 5.1-RELEASE and this new machine /boot/kernel/acpi.ko is always loaded
during boot. Part of my regiment for testing new kernels was always to copy the
kernel file to /boot and manually unload/load this new kernel and do a "boot
-s" to make sure things were cool. I did that this time too, but the acpi.ko
was the OLD one and that's what immediately panic'ed the system.

I've since manually tested the kernel and its parts and also done an
installkernel operation and things are cool--and my ICH5 AC'97 sound is now
supported ;-) Thanks for the hints.


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