where is kern.ca.da.no_6_byte?

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 23 00:01:19 PDT 2003

Josef Karthauser wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2003 at 11:31:21PM -0700, Terry Lambert wrote:
> > As far as I'm concerned, USB is a Very Black Art(tm), and has
> > been since day one.  8-(.  You have to wonder how Windows
> > manages...
> Windows manages because it is in the vendor's interest for it to work
> and as such their install .inf script does the right thing, for some
> value of DTRT.

This is the conspiracy theorist answer.  I'm not saying that it
is wrong, but it seems to me that more stuff is "Plug-and-play"
without third party drivers in Windows, and without quirking.

If you want to push it out a bit, most USB stuff I've seen also
works with Macintosh systems, and *definitely* can't do anything
with a vendor supplied driver CDROM, so It Just Works(tm).  Maybe
there is something to learn from Darwin in this area... I don't
know how public the USB code is at this point there, or if it is
published at all (though I thought it was).

-- Terry

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