su and suspend problems with -CURRENT

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Tue Jul 22 23:53:12 PDT 2003

Anish Mistry wrote:
> I've been using -CURRENT for while now and have finally gotten some time to
> come up with a list of problems I'm getting:
> When I su to change to the root user I get a "Bus Error" from su.  This have
> been around for about a month, still happens after multiple build and install
> worlds, I just haven't gotten around to reporting it.

This is generally a result of an out-of-date PAM module, or a
pam.conf that is out of date.

> About a week ago I started to have the laptop reboot when is comes out of
> suspend, which it never used to do.

This is likely an ACPI or device driver issue.  Since you know
the approximate time, you can bsearch for the kernel change
that caused it.  You will be able to get it down to a 1 hour time
window with only 8 kernel builds.  Have you ever played "Higher
and Lower"?  Start with a kernel from 84 hours ago (3.5 days * 24
hours).  If it has the problem, try a kernel from 126 hours ago;
if it doesn't, try a kernel from 42 hours ago.  Stop when you find
the hour that introduce the problem.  Doing this will always take
you at most log2(# of hours)+1 tries to find any kernel change that
caused your problem.  8-).

-- Terry

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