Does linux-sun-jdk_1.4.2 work?

Adam Migus adam at
Tue Jul 22 09:10:09 PDT 2003

Adam said:
> Eh, there's no need to flaming here. I never said
> maintaining Java on
> FreeBSD was easy. I said that Java support on FreeBSD
> is dodgy, which is
> really a well-known public fact, for anyone that's ever
> done any reading
> on the subject. In fact, when the core developers give
> a public
> interview, this is frequently a topic of discussion.

I was addressing the fact that you took it upon
yourself to _tell_ the mailing-list readers that the
port was released to early.  You aren't the maintainer
of this or any other port.  Therefor unless you stick
an "in my opinion" in there you kind of sound like an
I made no comments about the reliability of Java on
FreeBSD although I have read there are issues (thanks
for assuming I didn't) but I use it routinely without

> Perhaps you should try working with Java 1.4.x on
> FreeBSD before you
> assume something about me that's highly inaccurate. I
> think you'll find
> very quickly that it doesn't work nicely unless the
> process is running
> as root.

My apologies for being highly inaccurate.  Why don't
you tell me _why_ Java 1.4.x only works nicely on
_your_ system when running as root?  Hint: ktrace is
your friend.

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