Does linux-sun-jdk_1.4.2 work?

Sheldon Hearn sheldonh at
Tue Jul 22 02:03:45 PDT 2003

On (2003/07/21 23:41), Adam wrote:

> Perhaps you should try working with Java 1.4.x on FreeBSD before you
> assume something about me that's highly inaccurate. I think you'll find
> very quickly that it doesn't work nicely unless the process is running
> as root. 

So that this doesn't stick in people's minds as the status quo, let me
just add that several of us are very happy with the native jdk14 port on
FreeBSD, both -CURRENT and -STABLE.

However, this kind of discussion (sans Mr Migus unacceptable rudeness)
would be more valuable on the freebsd-java mailing list.


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