gconftool-2 failing

Rik rikb at corihemazoo.org
Sun Jul 20 16:05:04 PDT 2003

I have recently run into a problem with the gconftool-2 service that
comes with gnome2.

When I go into X I get a gcond process that runs out of control.

If I try to install ports that require the gconftool-2 to run the port
will fail to install.

The error message I see is this

gconftool-2 in free(): error: modified (chunk-) pointer.

My feeling is that it is not attributed to the switch to the new gcc
compiler but I could be wrong.

I work in a KDE environment but have gnome there so I can switch to it
if I fancy.  

It is an i386 box running -current cvsupped and built at 1200 MDT

PS I did read gnome's trouble shooting guide but the log file it
describes has no useful info.

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