MSDOSFS patch of dirty flag (Darwin Import)

Terry Lambert tlambert2 at
Fri Jul 18 21:46:27 PDT 2003

Jun Su wrote:
> I began to import some code from Darwin msdosfs. Here
> is my first patch about the dirty flag. I patched the
> msdosfs kernel module and fsck_msdos to enable the
> flag. Can someone test it and checked in? Must I
> submit a PR?
> From my own option, the new features of Darwin's
> msdosfs are dirty flag, adv_lock and unicode name. I
> will check them in the next week. Do these features
> have chance to commit?

Not if you never get them published.

If you want to send attachments to the mailing list and
have them get through, you need to send them as text/plain.

The best way to see why your patches are not making it to
the mailing list is to look at your last patch posting, and
see what's difference between your signature and your file
attachments, and make your file attachments look like your
signature attachment (since it got through).

On a side note, you probably do not want to corsspost between
the -hackers and -current lists so much.  A lot of us are
subscribed to both of them, so we get two copies.  For some
of us, this triggers SPAM filtering, and we never see your
posts, unless we save SPAM to a folder instead of deleting it,
and go look at it occasionally.

-- Terry

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