gcc-3.3 issues

LLeweLLyn Reese llewelly at lifesupport.shutdown.com
Fri Jul 18 18:42:56 PDT 2003

Alexander Kabaev <kan at FreeBSD.org> writes:

> > [snip]
> >
> > Curiosity: Why does this suppression get disabled in the imported compiler?
> I guess justification was to see warnings about FreeBSD's own header
> files. We dont want to hide warnings in them, we want to fix issues
> warnings report.

Ok. This makes sense. However, if these warnings are disguising more
    important warnings in some ports, may I suggest people looking to
    fix warnings in those ports try compiling with -Wno-system-headers,
    which I believe will disable the warnings from gcc's headers. Of
    course anyone looking to fix warnings in headers should leave
    -Wsystem-headers on.

> C++ headers just a side effect of that decision.

I guess this is evidence that #pragma GCC system_header isn't
    quite enough. :-)

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