Compaq Evo N610c

Tony Maher tonymaher at
Fri Jul 18 18:12:16 PDT 2003


>> debug.acpi.disable="cmbat"
> I did this today, mmm seems something is working (work around). But
> battery stats an apm like monitoring of the battery is not working any
> more. So what happens if the battery is empty? just system shutdown
> without saving of the memory and so?

This is expected since we are disabling battery acpi subsystem.
And yes there is a downside :-(
I'll test to see exactly what happens.

>> Minor glitches:
>> Switching to and from X can result in screen not being properly sync'd.
>> Switching back and forth beween X and console or closing lid often fixes it
>> but not always.
> Those glitches  are "known" it seems older ComPaQ laptops had the same
> issues long time ago.=20

Ok. Are they 'unfixable' or no-one with sufficent vga knowledge has
one of these?

> Under 4.8 all works with my setup. I have to use 4.8 at home because of
> wireless access ....

Ok, good to know. I think I'll try to stick with -Current for now.


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