Annoucning DragonFly BSD!

Larry Rosenman ler at
Thu Jul 17 19:37:37 PDT 2003

--On Thursday, July 17, 2003 19:35:54 -0700 Matthew Dillon 
<dillon at> wrote:

> :> I also have the disk space.
> :>
> :> Let me know if you are interested.
> :
> :I'm happy with it, but right now, until we get a bit more organized, we
> :only need one yea vote: Matt's.  I *don't* want to inconvenience his
> plans :any (especially not when I'm really sure I don't understand them
> all :yet).
> :
> :Is Larry's offer OK with you, Matt?  We need off the FreeBSD lists,
> before :complaints start up.  We can advertise later, if it's necessary.
>     I've got a bunch of mailing lists already set up on
I didn't notice.  Sorry for stepping all over you.


> 						-Matt

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