[-CURRENT tinderbox] failure on sparc64/sparc64

David Schultz das at FreeBSD.ORG
Thu Jul 17 18:35:39 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003, Dag-Erling Smorgrav wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 09:58:10AM +0200, Harti Brandt wrote:
> > I have no idea how a program can core in vfork(). Probably a vm problem?
> Most likely a KSE-related problem in vfork().  Try replacing vfork() with
> fork() in make(1) and see if the problem goes away.  Warning: build times
> may increase significantly...

I would guess that the problem doesn't occur in the vfork() call
itself, but in the child process (gzip?), and there's a problem
that causes the child to be incompletely divorced from the parent.
Is there any trick to reproducing this problem?  I just did a make
universe on i386 and didn't see it, but maybe my sources are too

It would be interesting to see if fork() fixes the problem.  With
the VM optimizations, vfork() is only about 20% faster than
fork(), so build times shouldn't be significantly impacted.

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