cyclades isa card not recognized on 5-current ?

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Thu Jul 17 10:35:20 PDT 2003


just to also ask here before opening a bug report. Anyone successfully
using a cyclades (Yo8) ISA on FreeBSD 5.x/Current ?

I am unable to get it regonized on bootup.

Card dip switches are set to IRQ 11, 0xd4000.

kernel config has:
options         COMPAT_OLDISA
device          cy      1

and /boot/device.hints"isa""11""0xd4000""0x2000"

IRQ 11 is reseverd to ISA/EISA in BIOS and not PCI/PnP.

What am I missing ?

Thanks in advance for any hints.


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