ACPI problem?

Nate Lawson nate at
Thu Jul 17 10:09:23 PDT 2003

On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Danny Braniss wrote:
> > Your asl seems bogus since there are a lot of unexpected values (i.e. for
> > TZ and EC port values).  Since it worked in 4.8R, follow the instructions
> > for disabling ACPI.
> >
> > -Nate
> thanks, that did it, but now, is there anyway i can help fix this so
> acpi will work? i have several of this boxes and booting them diskless
> will be a problem.

Try man acpi:
     To disable the acpi driver completely, set the kernel environment vari-
     able hint.acpi.0.disabled to 1.  Some i386 machines totally fail to oper-
     ate with some or all of ACPI disabled.  Other i386 machines fail with
     ACPI enabled.  Non-i386 platforms do not support operating systems which
     do not use ACPI.  Disabling all or part of ACPI on non-i386 platforms may
     result in a non-functional system.

Hints can go in /boot/loader.conf.  Later, after the system is working for
you, you can go back and install a new BIOS and see if that fixes the
problem with ACPI enabled.


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